1. MassTechlace Financeiro, will charge a commission to the Partner, when the booking is confirmed.

2. The service commission deducted from the Partner’s service or product due value, already include the corresponding VAT.

3. Partners identified as non-profit organizations are exempt from this commission.

4. SixEmotions service commission, may vary its charge value by percentage up to 10%, negociated with each Partner, and to be calculated from the price of the Experience, Event, other Service or Product made available by the Partner and is automatically deducted from the payment to be sent to the Partner.

5. Any applicable fees on the value of the Service (including any applicable Taxes) will be disclosed to the Partner, Client or third party, prior to or in the booking of the Service or Product. SixEmotions reserves the right to change the commissions at any time and will make appropriate notice of any commissions changes before they enter into force.

6. The applicable Fees (including any applicable Taxes) are charged by "MassTechlace". MassTechlace, will deduct any Commissions from the amount charged to Client and before remitting payment to Partner, unless otherwise stated on the SixEmotions Platform, Commissions are not refundable.

7. The partner will invoice MassTechlace, the amounts that are entitled to, as determined for each Experience, Event, other Service or Product, within an agreed interval, as predetermined between the parties;

8. MassTechlace will process payments for the services, on behalf of the Partner, on each 1st and 15th day of each month, corresponding to the amounts accumulated in the previous or missing month;

9. The Partner will issue invoices and receipts monthly or in the form of a single annual act, corresponding to the amounts earned by the Experiences, Events, other Services or Products sold in the previous month.



SixEmotions normally accepts payments made to or from Clients or Partners in amounts in the smallest unit supported by a given currency (ie Euro cents or other supported currencies). In cases where SixEmotions third-party payment service provider does not support payments on the smaller unit supported by a particular currency, SixEmotions may, in its sole discretion, round in excess or default the amounts receivable or payable to Clients or Partners for the nearest functional base unit in which the currency is denominated (ie the nearest unit of the Euro or other supported currency); for example, SixEmotions may round in excess of € 101.51 to € 102.00 and may round off by default an amount of € 101.49 to $ 101.00 €.



1. As a Partner, you are responsible for knowing your obligations and for informing, collecting, sending or including in your Service or Product prices, any VAT or other indirect taxes on sales, occupation fees, tourism taxes or other taxes to visitors or applicable income taxes.

2. Tax rules may require us to collect up-to-date tax information from Partners or to withhold Taxes from payments made to them or both. If a Partner does not provide us with the documentation that we determine to be sufficient to meet our obligation (if any) of withholding Taxes on the payments we make to you, we reserve the right to withhold all payments in your favor, retain the values required by law, or to apply the two procedures, until their resolution.

3. It is understandable that any competent agency, department and / or governmental authority in the area in which its Experience, Event, other Services or Product is located may require that Clients or Partners be charged taxes applicable to the Experience, Event, Other Service Products and that they are delivered to the respective Tax Authority. Laws may vary in different jurisdictions, but such Taxes may be required to be collected and remitted as a percentage of the prices of the Experience, Event, Other Service and Product, as defined by Partners, of a fixed amount per day or other variations, sometimes referred to as "municipal fees," "tourist fees," or others.

4. In some jurisdictions, SixEmotions may decide, at its discretion, to facilitate the collection and remittance of Taxes with or on behalf of Clients or Partners in accordance with these Terms if such jurisdiction requires SixEmotions or Partners to collection and remittance of taxes. In any jurisdiction in which we decide to facilitate Direct Collection and Remittance, the Office hereby requests or authorizes SixEmotions (through the Financial Facility) to collect Client Taxes on behalf of the Partner and to deliver them to the Fiscal Authority. The Value of Taxes if applicable, collected and delivered by SixEmotions will be visible and declared separately to Clients and Clients in their respective transaction documents. In cases where SixEmotions conducts the Collection and Remittance of taxes, Partners are not allowed to collect the same Fees charged by SixEmotions relating to their Experience, Events, other Services and Products in the jurisdiction in question.

5. You agree that any claim for compensation or cause of action relating to the collection of Taxes and Remittances by SixEmotions does not extend to any supplier or seller that may be used by the company within the scope of the Collection and Shipping service, if this is the case. The Client and the Partner agree that we may request additional amounts if the taxes collected and / or sent are insufficient to fulfill their obligations to the Fiscal Authority.

6. SixEmotions reserves the right to suspend the Collection and Remittance of Taxes and Taxes according to the jurisdiction, after which, the Partner is again solely responsible for the collection and / or remittance of any and all Taxes, which apply to the Experiences, Events, Other Services and Products made available through the SixEmotions Platform.



1. Both Partners and Clients are responsible for any changes to a reservation made through the SixEmotions Platform or whenever they request SixEmotions Client support in order to make a "Change to Reservation". They accept, therefore, to pay the Rate of Change of the Reserve, imposed by the Partner and / or associated taxes.

2. If Client cancels a confirmed reservation 48 hours before the scheduled time for the Service, MassTechlace Financeira will reimburse the Total Fees advanced by the Client, in accordance with this same cancellation policy. Unless there are Commissions, Fees or Taxes due to SixEmotions or the tax authorities under the applicable cancellation policy, the value of the cancellation fee will be sent to you by MassTechlace Financeira.

3. If a Partner cancels a confirmed reservation, 48 hours before the scheduled time for the Service, Client will be fully refunded in the Total amount relating to that reservation, within a commercially reasonable period after cancellation. In some cases, SixEmotions may allow the Client to apply the reimbursement to a new reservation, in which case MassTechlace Financeira will credit the amount in the subsequent reservation of the Client, as indicated by the Client. In addition, SixEmotions may post an automatic comment on the Partner's canceled Advertisement, indicating that the reservation has been canceled. In addition, SixEmotions may: (i) keep the Schedule relating to the Service or Product unavailable or blocked as regards the dates of the canceled reservation; and / or (ii) levy a cancellation fee, unless Partner has a valid reason for canceling the reservation or has legitimate concerns about Client's behavior.

4. If unfavorable weather conditions give rise to a feeling of insecurity or discomfort for the Client as regards Experiences, Events, Other Services or Products, Partner may change or cancel the Service or supply of the Product. In the event of a substantial change in the itinerary or of the need to cancel the Service or supply of the Product, SixEmotions will work with Partner and / or Clients to provide Clients with an alternative date for the Service or delivery of the Partner Product, reimbursement or the possibility of a new reservation.

5. In certain circumstances, SixEmotions may decide to cancel a confirmed booking and inform and reimburse the Client of such decision. This situation may occur if (i) SixEmotions believes in good faith, considering the legitimate interests of both parties, to be necessary to avoid significant losses to the company, other Partners, third parties or assets; or (ii) for any of the reasons set forth in these Terms.

6. If a Client experiences a Problem during the Trip, SixEmotions may determine, if it so wishes, to reimburse Client for all or part of the Total Amount of the reservation in accordance with the Refund Policy.

7. If, as a Partner, your Client cancels a confirmed booking or SixEmotions decides that it is necessary to cancel a confirmed booking and SixEmotions issues a refund to Client in accordance with the Refund Policy or other applicable cancellation policy, Partner you agree that in the event that you have already received payment, SixEmotions will be entitled to recover the amount of the refunds, including subtracting that amount from the corresponding refunds, to any future Payments due to the Partner.



The Member agrees to exonerate, defend and hold harmless SixEmotions and its affiliates and subsidiaries, including but not limited to MassTechlace Financeira, as well as its officers, directors and employees from all liability and liability in connection with any claims for damages, losses and expenses, including but not limited to, court fees and reasonable accounting fees, arising out of or in any way related to: (i) your violation of these Terms or our Policies or Standards; (ii) your misuse of the SixEmotions Platform or any Services or Products advertised on the SixEmotions Platform; (iii) your interaction with any other Member, participation in an Experience, Event, other Service or acquisition of Products made available by any of the Partners, participation in the Online Payment Service, including without limitation, any injury, loss or damage ( compensatory, direct, incidental, consequential or otherwise), of any nature, in the scope or arising from the interaction, participation or use; (iv) Collection or Remittance of any Fee or set of Fees; or (v) violation of any laws, regulations or rights of third parties.