1. During a certain period of time, after a booking has been made, Client and Partner may leave a "Review" public comment and submit a one-to-five-star rating ("Rating") for each Service or Product. Ratings and Reviews reflect the opinions of individual Clients and not the opinion of SixEmotions. Ratings and Reviews are neither checked nor filtered by SixEmotions, nor is it your responsibility to check their accuracy.

2. We thank you and recommend that you submit your feedback, comments and improvement proposals on the SixEmotions Platform "Reviews". You can send us your feedback by email or directly on the SixEmotions Platform or other means of communication. Any Feedback you send us will be considered non-confidential and not private, with respect to the user. By sending us your Feedback, you are granting us a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, irrevocable, sublicensable, perpetual license to use and publish those ideas and materials, for any purpose, without any compensation.

3. The Classifications and Reviews are required to accurately reflect the User's expectations and may not contain any offensive or defamatory language. If these are incorrect, misleading or insulting, SixEmotions is required to review and / or rectify the otographic quality of the comments.

4. Partners are prohibited from manipulating in any way or pretext the Ratings and Reviews system, as well as giving instructions to a third party to write a positive or negative Review about another Member.

5. Ratings and Comments are part of a Partner's public profile and may also appear on other sites on the SixEmotions Platform (such as an Advertisement page) along with other relevant information such as number of reservations, number of cancellations, time response and other information.