Sixemotion’s Acceptable Use Policy

We're proud of your trust placed on us. So, we trust you to use our services in a respectful manner.

You agree not to misuse the Sixemotion’s APP Features or help anyone else try to do any of the following:

  1. probe, scan, or test the vulnerability of the system or network;

  2. breach or otherwise circumvent any security or authentication measures;

  3. access, tamper with, or use non-public areas or parts of the Features, or shared areas of the Features you haven't been invited to;

  4. interfere with or disrupt any user, host, or network, for example by sending a virus, overloading, flooding, spamming, or mail-bombing any part of the Features;

  5. access, search, or create accounts for the Features by any means other than our publicly supported interfaces (for example, "scraping" or creating accounts in bulk);

  6. send unsolicited communications, promotions or advertisements, or spam;

  7. send altered, deceptive or false source-identifying information, including "spoofing" or "phishing";

  8. promote or advertise products or services other than the authorized associates, providers, affiliates, suppliers and distributors without appropriate authorization;

  9. abuse referrals or promotions to get more advertisement space than deserved;

  10. publish or share materials that are unlawfully pornographic or indecent, or that contain extreme acts of violence;

  11. advocate bigotry or hatred against any person or group of people based on their race, religion, ethnicity, sex, gender identity, sexual preference, disability, or impairment;

  12. violate the law in any way, including sharing material that's fraudulent, defamatory, or misleading; or

  13. violate the privacy or infringe the rights of others.

SixEmotions Privacy Policy

Posted: February 01, 2018

Effective: February 01, 2017

Thanks for using Sixemotion’s Features. Here we describe how we collect, use and handle your information when you use our Website and APP Features.

What & Why

We collect and use the following information to provide, improve and protect our Services and Features:


We collect, and associate with your account, information like your name, email address, phone number, payment info, physical address, and account activity. Some of our services let you access your accounts and your information with our service providers.


Our Features are designed to make it simple for you to access our Associate’s, Affiliates, Distributors and Provider’s Service proposal, and work across multiple devices. To make that possible, we store Your profile information that makes it easier for you to share Your files with others.


We collect information related to how you use our Website and APP Features, including actions you take in your account (like sharing, editing and viewing). This helps us provide you with features like the "Events" page and version history.

We also collect information from and about the devices you use to access the Features. This includes things like IP addresses, the type of browser and device you use, the web page you visited before coming to our sites, and identifiers associated with your devices. Your devices (depending on their settings) also transmit location information to our Features.

Cookies and other technologies. We use technologies like cookies and pixel tags to provide, improve, protect and promote our Features. For example, cookies help us with things like remembering your username for your next visit, understanding how you are interacting with our Features, and improving them based on that information. You can set your browser to not accept cookies, but this may limit your ability to use the Features. If our systems receive a DNT:1 signal from your browser, we'll respond to that signal as outlined here.

With whom

We may share information with trusted third parties (for example, associates and providers of customer support and IT services) to help us provide, improve, protect, and promote our Features. These third parties will access your information only to perform tasks on our behalf in compliance with this Privacy Policy, and we'll remain responsible for their handling of your information per our instructions.


Other users.

Our Features display information like your name, profile picture, and email address to other users in places like your user profile and sharing notifications. When you register your Sixemotion’s account with an email address on a domain owned by your employer or organization, we may help collaborators find you and your team by making some of your basic information like your name, team name, profile picture, and email address.

You can also give third parties access to your information and account. Just remember that their use of your information will be governed by their privacy policies and terms.

Team Admins.

If you are part of SixEmotion’s team (e.g., Associate, affiliate, supplier, distributor and Provider Administrator), you may have the ability to access and control your SixEmotion’s team account. Please refer to your organization's internal policies if you have questions about this.

Law & Order.

We'll abide by the following Government request principles when receiving, scrutinizing and responding to government requests (including national security requests) for our users' data.

We may disclose your information to third parties if we determine that such disclosure is reasonably necessary to (a) comply with the law; (b) protect any person from death or serious bodily injury; (c) prevent fraud or abuse of Dropbox or our users; or (d) protect SixEmotion’s property rights.

Stewardship of your data is critical to us and a responsibility that we embrace. We believe that our users' data should receive the same legal protections regardless of whether it's stored on our services or on their home computer's hard drive.



We have a team dedicated to keeping your information secure and testing for vulnerabilities. We also continue to work on features to keep your information safe in addition to things like two-factor authentication and alerts when new devices are linked to your account.


We'll retain information you store on your account for as long as we need it to provide you the Services. If you delete your account, this information will also be deleted. But please note: (1) there might be some latency in deleting this information from our servers and back-up storage; and (2) we may retain this information if necessary to comply with our legal obligations, resolve disputes, or enforce our agreements. You can access your personal information by logging into your Sixemotion’s account.


To correctly provide you with the best Website and APP Features, we may store, process and transmit information and locations around the world - including those outside your country. Information may also be stored locally on the devices you use to access the Website and APP Features.


EU-U.S. Privacy Shield and Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield. When transferring data from the European Union, the European Economic Area, and Switzerland, SixEmotions relies on a variety of legal mechanisms, including contracts with our Users, Associates and Providers, Affiliates, Suppliers and Distributors.


In case we become involved in a reorganization, merger, acquisition or sale of our assets, your information may be transferred as part of that deal. We will notify you (for example, via a message to the email address associated with your account) of any such deal and outline your choices in that event.

We may revise this Privacy Policy from time to time, and will post the most current version on our website. If a revision meaningfully reduces your rights, we will notify you.


In case you or your organization have questions or concerns about SixEmotions, our Website or APP Features, our Associates, Providers, Affiliates, Suppliers or Distributors and Data privacy? Contact us at .

Use of the Features and Content

Thanks for using SixEmotions! These terms, cover your use and access to our Website and APP Features. If you reside inside or outside of the United States of America, Canada and Mexico, your agreement is with Masstechlace, Lda. Our Privacy Policy, explains how we collect and use your information while our Acceptable Use Policy outlines your responsibilities when using our Services. By using our Website and APP Features, you're agreeing to be bound to the Terms of our Privacy Policy and Acceptable Use Policy. If you're using our Website and APP Features for an organization, you're agreeing to these Terms on behalf of that organization.

Your Information & Your Permissions

When you use our Website and APP Features, you provide us with things like your personal information and Geographic position. These Terms don't give us any other rights except for the limited rights that enable us to offer our Associate’s, Provider’s, Affiliate’s and Distributor’s Services.

We need your permission to do things like hosting Your information, backing it up, and sharing it when you ask us to. Our Features also provide you with photo thumbnails, document previews, commenting, easy sorting, editing, sharing and searching. These and other Features may require our systems to access, store and scan Your personal data and Geographic position. You give us permission to do those things and so this permission extends to our Affiliates and trusted third parties we work with.

Sharing Your Information

Our Features let you share Your Information with others, so please think carefully about what you share.

Your Responsibilities

You're responsible for your conduct. Your Files and you must comply with our Acceptable Use Policy. The content in our Website and APP may be protected by others' intellectual property rights. Please don't copy, upload, download or share content unless you have the right to do so.

We may review your conduct and content for compliance with the Terms in our Acceptable Use Policy. With that said, we have no obligation to do so. We are not responsible for the quality of the Services of our Associates and Providers, Affiliates and Distributors posted and shared via our Website and APP.

Help us keep you informed and Your personal information protected. Safeguard your password to our Website and APP and keep your account information correct. Don't share your account credentials or give others access to your account.

You may use our Features, only as permitted by applicable law including export control laws and regulations. Finally, our Features are not intended for and may not be used by persons under the age of 16. By using our Features we recognize that you're over 16.


Our Software Service, allows you to download or update automatically our Website and APP Features. So, as long as you comply with these Terms we give you a limited, nonexclusive, nontransferable, revocable license to use of our client Website and APP, solely to access our Features. To the extent any component of the Software may not be offered under an open source license, we'll make that license available to you. Unless the following restrictions are prohibited by law, you agree not to reverse engineer or decompile any of the Features, attempt to do so, or assist anyone in doing so.

Beta Services

We sometimes release Features that we are still testing and evaluating. Those Features or Services have been marked (beta, preview, early access, evaluation, or with words or phrases with similar meanings) and may not be as reliable as SixEmotions other services, so please keep that in mind.

Our Contents

The Features, are protected by copyright, trademark, and other domestic and foreign laws. These Terms don't grant you any right, title or interest to any of the Features, associates, providers, affiliates, suppliers and distributors Services contents, Masstechlace trademarks, logos and other brand Features. We welcome feedback, but note that we may use comments or suggestions without any obligation to you.


We respect the intellectual property of others and ask that you do too.

Masstechlace will take whatever action, in its sole discretion, it deems appropriate, including the right to delete, disable or removal of the challenged content from our Website or APP and terminate accounts to be infringing or repeating infringers.

If you are a copyright owner, authorized to act on behalf of one, or authorized to act under any exclusive right under copyright, please report alleged copyright infringements taking place on or through our Website or APP, by filing the following Notice of Alleged Infringement and delivering it to our Designated Copyright Agent:

Masstechlace, Lda.

Az. dos Besouros, #5

2650-367 Amadora


Notice of Alleged Infringement

  1. Identify the copyrighted content that you or organization claim are being or has been infringed.

  2. Identify the material or link you claim is infringing (or the subject of infringing activity) and to which access is to be disabled, including at a minimum, if applicable, the URL of the link shown on the Website or APP, the exact location where such content may be.

  3. Provide your own or organization affiliation (if applicable), post address, telephone numbers, email address or others.

  4. Include the following statement within the NOTICE:

“I hereby state that I have a good faith belief that the dispute use of the copyrighted content is not authorized by the (e.g., owner, agent, law, etc… as fair use)”

“Provide your full legal name and your electronic or physical signature.


Billing at SixEmotions

At SixEmotions, we believe in fair billing. That’s why we’ve designed this guide to help you understand billing related details. Fair’s fair!

Billing. You're responsible for all applicable taxes, and we'll charge tax when required to do so.

Some countries have mandatory local laws regarding your cancellation rights, and this paragraph doesn't override these laws.

Refunds. You may cancel your Sixemotions APP at any time.

Changes. We may change the Feature fees in effect, but it will not change your associated reservation.

Payment Terms

You agree to pay a Provider Partner, the service fee for any vacation service reservation in accordance with the Terms of Use on the Provider´s site. A SixEmotions Provider Partner may act as an Advertiser's limited agent solely with the purpose of transmitting your payment to the Advertiser.

For further information on vacation service fees, security deposits, payment processing, and cancellations and refunds, please consult our Terms of Use. By making a vacation service reservation facilitated by our website, you acknowledge and agree to the site's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Assigned Email

Email address. If you sign up for a sixemotions account with an email address provisioned by your organization;

  1. you must use it in compliance with your organization's terms and policies.

  2. Your administrators may be able to access, disclose, restrict, or remove information in or from your Sixemotion’s account

  3. They may also be able to restrict or terminate your access to this Sixemotion’s account

  4. Your organization may be able to block your use of Sixemotion’s APP

  5. You may sign up to your Sixemotion’s account with a personal email address.


You're free to stop using our APP Features at any time. We reserve the right to suspend or terminate your access to our APP Features with notice to you if:

(i) you're in breach of these Terms,

(ii) you're using the Features in a manner that would cause a real risk of harm or loss to us or other users, or

(iii) you don't maintain a Paid Account, when a specific Service or Feature is required.

We'll provide you with reasonable advance notice via the email address associated with your account to remedy the activity that prompted us to contact you and give you the opportunity to export files from our Services or Features. If after such notice you fail to take the steps we ask of you, we'll terminate or suspend your access to the APP Services or Features.

We won't provide notice before termination where:

(i) you're in material breach of these Terms,

(ii) doing so would cause us legal liability or compromise our ability to provid